About Me

Due to my intention, zeal and passion for designing, drawing and carpet weaving from my childhood up to now, as a result of growing up with art, I am able to declare that art and designing have become a part of me.
Primarily, it was my grandmother who was my best teacher in carpet weaving. I Wove my first carpet when I was 16 years old and I gave it to my grandmother as a gift to thank her and in reciprocity of her teaching.
During my education, my father wanted me to pursue my education in the medical field, which it has been our family’s occupation for several generations. Thus, due to my father’s request I started to read science in high school. But beside of my education I used to continue designing and carpet weaving .After my 4 years of education with bachelor degree in natural resources engineering, I started to study architecture and designing. In 2012, I graduated with associated and bachelor degree. Then, in continue I graduated with master degree at architecture interior design.
After graduation, I initiated to work as a designer and interior decorator. Also, I researched and investigated in renovating, modification, rebuilding ancient edifices plus, altering and converting them to places and areas to exhibit the Persian native and distinctive art with feng shui efficacies on interior design.
Simultaneously, I was prosperous to achieve my carpet weaving certification with excellent grade from Iran technical and vocational training organization in 2010 and I began to work as a formal carpet weaver covered by concerned allocated insurance. Likewise, I commenced to collaborate with hand carpet weaving companies which the collaboration has been existing up to now.
Luckily, I have got plentiful certifications for my success in carpet weaving and designing. In addition, I have woven lots of precious carpets.
I am proud of myself for playing my role in keeping this Persian ancient, particular and pure art to be alive. It has been numerous years and long time that I earn my livelihood and I hope Persian carpet which is a cumulative of our ancestry’s thousands years afflictions, would be glittered, everlasting and interminable.